Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Challenge 23 - Same String

Wow, the Diva has been so kind to us, giving a string to use in this weeks challenge!  It's going to be so much fun seeing how everyone puts their own personality into their challenge tile.  It's interesting how the ones so far have been all so different, and each person has a different opinion as to what side is up.  Don't you just love it! I found this challenge relaxing and just what creating a zentangle should be!  Thanks Laura!

Tangles used:Knase, coaster,nzepple,purk, cubine and paradox


  1. I especially love how Coater and Paradox are combined. Beautiful!

  2. Great work! It looks like Purk is sitting on top on 'Nzeppel, great dimension.

  3. Great tile! I turned the string every way around and left it as it was, just like you did. I like all those different tile with the same string.