Thursday, May 5, 2011

Challenge 20 - Royal Wedding

Just like Cinderella, the princess has left a shoe behind.

How much like a fairy tale was this wonderful royal wedding of William and Kate.  I enjoyed the glitz and the pageantry of the whole event.  All the marvelous detail was amazing and inspirational to my Zentangle heart.  Fascinated by the tile floor at Westminster Abbey I thought I would focus on that as my entry to the Diva’s Challenge this week.  Research was required as there was so much to choose from.

It was during my search for tile that I found the beautiful shoes that Princess Kate was wearing.  (they were not seen during the ceremony).  As with so much of the wedding, there was detail that was overlooked in the coverage.  I stand in awe of the depth of detail this wedding represented, one look at the wedding cake will blow your mind!

This challenge was a joy and also a real challenge – so many wonderful ideas that I’m sure I will be using my gems from this research for a long time to come.