Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Challenge 19 - more Morris

White on Black...oh my.  This is a challenge.  I reached for some clay board I'd been saving to try out some tangles on, and this seemed like the appropriate time to do it.  Well, it's not any where near as easy to work with as good ole black ink on white Zentangle tiles.  There was a cool feeling as the stylus sank into the clay and started to make a mark, but it did have a mind of it's own.  This doesn't look very Morris, but it was fun to give it a try.   I added a little "bling" with silver and gold gel pens.  I'll have to have another go at this one.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Challenge 18 - Eggs for Easter

Twin Eggs for Easter,
It would be appropriate to start off with a confession... I started this challenge using a free coloring page off the internet as my "string".  Running low on time and inspiration, I allowed myself this little short cut, it was fun making the two eggs just alike when I added the tangles to them.  Actually coloring pages are a great resource for doing representational strings.  I have used them for doing classes with young children and found they offer an added dimension of interest. I hope you all have a very Happy Easter.   

Monday, April 11, 2011

Challenge 17 - 15 mins (plus)

Today I'm packing for a trip and a 15 minute challenge sounded perfect.  I got all settled on the screen porch, listened to the birds... set the timer and started to tangle.
A few chirps later the buzzer went off!  What??? I'm only 90% done! And I haven't done ANY shading.  I should have listened to Laura's advise and chosen beginner tangles.  I did start with Floorz, but paradox, inapod, ixorus were all calling to me.  Needless to say I went over the 15mins, but I had a great zen time.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Introducing Zentangle to Sumter High School

It was my pleasure today to introduce Zentangle to the Honors Art Club at Sumter High School.  What a great group of artists!  They all enjoyed the demo and each made an ATC to take home with them.  We all had a great time. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Challenge 16 - Mooka

It is always so much fun to work with a new tangle.  This one really moves quickly and presents a lot of tempting variations.  I am so happy the Diva chose this as our weekly challenge, perfect excuse to play!