Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Hour Tangle

This "happy Hour" tangle is fun and easy to do.  All you need is a pen, a glass of wine and a napkin.  Start with a sip of wine, then put your glass down on the napkin.  Start tracing the bottom of the wine glass onto the napkin, drawing a small segment of the circle, then add a semi circle every so often.  It is quite relaxing. When you complete the circle it is time to take another sip and move your wine glass to a new location on the napkin.  Using the same process as before, start where the wine glass intersects with your first tracing so that the second circle appears to be behind the first.  Repeat until your napkin has several such circles on it. Now its time to fill in all the spaces created with your favorite tangles.    Are we relaxed yet?   Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

October's Zentangle Club

We made pumpkin tiles just in time for Halloween!  Come join us in November when we will have a Christmas theme to our project, and learn two new tangles.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Challenge 42 "Hope"

Hope is like a flower, it blooms in the light of the Son.  

For me, my hope comes from my faith in God, so on this challenge I wanted to represent that hope in some way. This Joyful peony seemed to say what words can not. 

I have been fascinated with Japanese Crests and have started a ZIA series based on them.  Most crests have a graceful elegant mood to them that is so much a part of the Japanese culture.   This particular one is of a Peony and symbolizes joyous life and prosperity. 

After scanning my black and white zia, I played with it a little on my photo software and added a blush of color to it.