Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Weekly Challenge No. 67 - Amanda Day

This week we are celebrating Earth Day (or Amanda Day as it is called in Mesa diva), so we are creating zentangles or ZIA that honor mother Earth.  Thinking that a Zendala is a good way to feel connected with the earth and with each other I dove into my Zendala tin that came from zentangle and created this tile.  Remembering the red-thread challenge as a few weeks back, I added a red thread to represent how we are all connected in this world, and what we do effects others.  Thanks for a great challenge!

Also of note:  Michelin has come out with a Mandala of their own in the form of a revolutionary tire.  I know it's a tire (guy thing), but what a wonderful Mandala it is.  Who knew that engineers could have such a great sense of style too!  By the way this tire will never go flat.

Other Mandala's by Michelin:

Friday, April 6, 2012

Weekly Challenge 65 : UMT III

Using CZT J.J. LaBarber's tangle "Huggy Bear" was our challenge for this week.   It was a challenge for me, as I did not yet feel comfortable with it.  I've seen great things done with this tangle in other people's postsIt certainly looks a lot different from it's cousin "Huggins".

To supplement my entry this week I thought I would add some zendala's that I had put on note cards lately.  Hope you enjoy them.